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Children's Health Matters

Children's Health Matters is a column that shares the latest reporting, research, commentary and ideas on pediatric health and child development; prevention models to reduce health disparities for ill children and children born into poverty; links between maternal and children’s health; and broader trends in children's health and well-being.

Picture of Sandra Strieby
Learning suffers when schools fail to provide free, easy access to tampons and pads.
Picture of ChrisAnna Mink
“It can happen to anybody. It doesn’t care about your age, your race or orientation. Just look at my kids.”
Picture of Donna C. Moss
“One of my clients called me crying because she couldn’t even find the campus counseling center.”
Picture of Giles Bruce
“Parents of young children should be as worried about RSV as they are about COVID,” said one professor of pediatrics.
Picture of Sushma Subramanian
The trouble with writing about shared parenting in general is the discussions about it tend to boil down to ideology, which good reporting seeks to overcome.
Picture of Giles Bruce
As the omicron surge disrupts schools nationwide, new research finds that kids forced to learn online instead of in person exhibited more behavioral issues.
Picture of Donna C. Moss
As the Surgeon General warns of a youth mental health crisis, a psychotherapist asks: where are the policies that would help kids get care?
Picture of ChrisAnna Mink
The research is nascent and the early results conflicting, but there are some worrying signs.
Picture of Giles Bruce
And how reporters can follow the money.
Picture of Giles Bruce
Here’s how reporters can investigate contamination in their communities.



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