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The Coronavirus Files

News, analysis and resources on the fast-moving coronavirus pandemic, featuring timely dispatches from reporters, experts and providers. 

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Also, the promise of “test to treat” falls short, while schools skimp on air quality improvements.
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Also, a new study details how uninsured Americans suffered unnecessary deaths during COVID-19.
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Also in this week's roundup: An updated preprint finds that American Indian and Alaska Native populations took the biggest hit to life expectancy of any American race during the pandemic.
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Also, a new study finds Black patients were significantly less likely to qualify for needed treatment based on pulse oximeter readings than white patients in Baltimore hospitals.
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Also this week: Money to combat health disparities remains unspent by many states.
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CDC recommends precautions as cases rise in Northeast, while regulators OK boosters for kids as young as 5. Shots for younger kids could be approved by the end of June.
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Plus, Moderna publishes new data on vaccinating children, and millions stand to lose Medicaid coverage this summer.
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Paxlovid fails to prevent infection, while new variants keep coming.
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Plus, President Biden’s plans to end pandemic-era restrictions on U.S. entry by asylum seekers are in jeopardy after judge's ruling.
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As costs mount to treat the often-debilitating symptoms that linger after infection, desperate patients turn to crowdfunding.



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