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The Coronavirus Files

News, analysis and resources on the fast-moving coronavirus pandemic, featuring timely dispatches from reporters, experts and providers. 

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Plus, nursing homes open to visitors without mandates or boosters.
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Also, evidence points to Wuhan market as ground zero, and White House to spend billions on vaccines for global distribution.
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Plus, competing messages from pop icons misinform the public.
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Plus, new CDC study finds greatest hospitalization and death among American Indians and Alaska Natives.
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Also, racial gaps in breakthrough cases garner attention, and plans to vaccinate kids under 12 take shape.
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Plus, CDC urges pregnant people to get vaccinated, and some answers on mixing and matching vaccines.
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Plus, more at-home tests are coming, and workplace mandates prove effective in boosting vaccination rates.
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As elsewhere, the story has become about the one-on-one, labor-intensive work required to reach those who may be reluctant to get vaccinated.
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The Eviction Lab's Peter Hepburn joined attorney Tina Rosales and Bloomberg CityLab's Kriston Capps to discuss the eviction crisis.



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