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The Coronavirus Files

News, analysis and resources on the fast-moving coronavirus pandemic, featuring timely dispatches from reporters, experts and providers. 

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Infections and deaths are soaring just as people return to jobs in person. Should workplaces make vaccination mandatory?
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Pandemic delays put Dreamers' status at risk? Will masks be fall's must-have back-to-school accessory? Read more in this week's COVID-19 news roundup.
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Overdose fatalities rose in 2020, with Black people at high risk; cases on the rise, but vaccines remain politicized; Pfizer's booster remains uncertain.
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This week: The end of pandemic housing support looms for homeless people, a nation divided by vaccination status, and the big question: Do you need a booster shot?
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COVID-19 lockdowns meant dwindling savings and accumulating debt for many Americans, particularly low-income workers, women and people of color.
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Lack of access and fear is keeping many people, often immigrants, from getting the best COVID-19 treatment.
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In this week's Coronavirus Files newsletter, eviction moratorium are set to expire; restrictions lift as the virus simmers; delta variant is poised to dominate
Picture of Amber Dance
For foster kids, lockdown begets 'perhaps irreversible damage;' young people can get seriously ill with COVID; younger kids could be vaccinated in fall; looking forward to back-to-school
Picture of Kellie  Schmitt
As U.S. vaccination rates plummet, an expert panel discusses whether new incentives such as prizes and lotteries could help the country meet its vaccination goal.
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Examining LGBTQ pandemic health; labeling coronavirus variants; vaccinating the immunocompromised



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