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Rebecca Plevin's Harvesting Health

Harvesting Health explores health issues in rural, immigrant and underserved communities.

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When some youth journalists report on environmental health issues impacting their own communities, are they able to maintain neutrality or do they advocate for change?

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Just how well is California doing transitioning children from the outgoing Healthy Families low-cost health insurance program to Medi-Cal? The state's version of its progress is rosier than what children's health advocates are seeing on the ground.

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A new report looks at using health information technology for outreach and enrollment efforts, but in a manner that takes into account the digital divide.

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Health Career Connection broadens students' career opportunities and opens their eyes to health care needs of underserved communities.

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Oakland-based Health Career Connection helps prepare the next generation of talented, diverse health leaders and professionals by connecting them to internships, mentors and health professions schools.

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Three years ago, one hospital in the area averaged 100 emergency room visits per month -- now it averages 400. That same hospital's debt, largely because of unpaid bills, stands at $1.2 million, a 2,000 percent increase in four years.

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I was just beginning to wrap my head around the Affordable Care Act when President Obama and legislators started proposing plans for comprehensive immigration reform this week. That led me to wonder: What could immigration reform mean for health reform?

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Reporters Ruxandra Guidi and Erica Peterson live about 2,000 miles apart. But when they embarked on in-depth stories on environmental justices issues in their communities, they faced very similar challenges.

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Veteran environmental reporter recommends starting by reporting the basic story first - focusing on what the problem appears to be, and how authorities and businesses are responding.

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While school-based health centers around the country have increased students’ access to health care, some children and teens still have limited access to needed services, like behavioral health and dental care.



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