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Center for Health Journalism Fellowships Posts

Here is where you'll find news about the Center for Health Journalism Fellowships program and its participants. Check back often for updates on Fellows and their work, live-blogging of our seminars, and more from our staff.

Picture of Christina Caron
Finding families willing to talk was a daunting challenge: "Why would anyone want to speak about this, much less with a reporter?"
Picture of Eli Cahan
How one reporter perservered to find the right people for bringing an overlooked story of the pandemic era to life.
Picture of Casey Toner
In Chicago, police routinely arrest people for possession of small quantities of drugs knowing the charges won’t stick. But the arrests have real consequences.
Picture of Christopher Egusa
People with disabilities routinely contend with neglect and dismissal, made worse by the pandemic. A journalist reflects on what he learned from reporting such stories.
Picture of SweSwe Aye
Jasmine Oo, the owner of her namesake restaurant “Unique Jasmine,” was excited about serving “hot, delicious” Burmese Chinese dishes at the food court of North Gate Mall, in Marin County, California. She is a 10-year veteran of the restaurant industry. Jasmine would start cooking at 8 am, so that wh
Picture of Sara Kassabian
I set out to learn whether smoke from distant wildfires made childhood asthma worse. Turns out, the problem was closer to home.
Picture of Kelly  Puente
Local reporting shines a light on Long Beach's glaring health disparities during the pandemic.
Picture of Angela Johnston
In the end, taking the time to find the right characters and sources paid off.
Picture of Ryan White
Accident victims were found selling off their settlements, sometimes for pennies on the dollar.
Picture of Elizabeth Thompson
A reporter will examine whether school-based complaints represent a real threat — or signal a child experiencing a mental health crisis.



Join us to hear from two of the best on the COVID beat: Helen Branswell of STAT and Katherine J. Wu of The Atlantic will share their strategies and tips for staying ahead of an ever-changing story. Sign-up here!

Our California Fellowship supports reporters in the Golden State pursuing ambitious projects on overlooked health and health equity issues.


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