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Center for Health Journalism Fellowships Posts

Here is where you'll find news about the Center for Health Journalism Fellowships program and its participants. Check back often for updates on Fellows and their work, live-blogging of our seminars, and more from our staff.

Picture of Elizabeth Thompson
A reporter finds "the data was just a glimpse of the full picture" while covering school-based juvenile justice complaints.
Picture of Sara Satullo
"The response to the series was unlike anything I’ve seen in nearly 16 years as a professional journalist," writes the author.
Picture of Sarah  Bohannon
What happens to the public’s trust in emergency communication systems after large catastrophic wildfires? A Northern California reporter investigates.
Picture of Blanca Torres
The demand for mental health services among kids is tremendous, but too often care is a luxury reserved for those who can afford it.
Picture of Soreath Hok
"I met Cambodians of different ages and backgrounds, who all had the same thing in common: the trauma of war still haunted them."
Picture of Marisa Kendall
Does the new tiny home model actually work? A reporter seeks to finds out.
Picture of Rachel Showalter
Off-road vehicles are slated to be phased out at a popular beach dune recreational area on California's Central Coast. Off-roading enthusiasts have filed lawsuits to halt the move.
Picture of Javier Rojas
Patton, an unincorporated community known for its large, state-run psychiatric hospital, has more than a dozen fast-food restaurants, and two grocery chain stores along its main commercial strip.
Picture of Breanna Reeves
The silent crisis is growing louder and louder as reproductive advocates and birth equity activists demand solutions to a decades-old issue.
Picture of Noah Abrams
For workers in Sonoma County’s agricultural industry, wildfires have become a growing occupational hazard.



“Racism in medicine is a national emergency.” That’s how journalist Nicholas St. Fleur characterized the crisis facing American health care this spring, as his team at STAT embarked on “Color Code,” an eight-episode series exploring medical mistrust in communities of color across the country. In this webinar, we’ll take inspiration from their work to discuss strategies and examples for telling stories about inequities, disparities and racism in health care systems. Sign-up here!

The USC Center for Health Journalism at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism is seeking two Engagement Editors to serve as thought leaders in one of the most innovative and rewarding arenas in journalism today – “engaged reporting” that puts the community at the center of the reporting process. Learn more about the positions and apply to join our team. 


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