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Center for Health Journalism Fellowships Posts

Here is where you'll find news about the Center for Health Journalism Fellowships program and its participants. Check back often for updates on Fellows and their work, live-blogging of our seminars, and more from our staff.

Picture of Herbert White
A new reporting project asks, "Why do people of color in an affluent city lack basic medical attention?"
Picture of Nathan O'Neal
In hard-hit Navajo Nation, fighting COVID-19 means addressing a long history of underinvestment and policy neglect.
Picture of Valeria Fernandez
COVID-19 has underscored the disparities faced by immigrant communities in access to medical care and financial support in the state.
Picture of Dan Diamond
It's hard to tell the story of how the Marshallese came to America without starting with the nuclear bombs.
Picture of Susan  Abram
Crippling anxiety and depression, lost loved ones, selling sex acts to survive — vulnerable teens are facing a world of pain during the pandemic, explains Dr. Angela Diaz.
Picture of Rachel Monahan
The state's movement has become more worthy of scrutiny as the nation awaits a vaccine as the endgame to the global coronavirus pandemic.
Picture of Giles Bruce
“We just have to work a little harder, think a little harder and write a little more clearly to help the public understand what they need to understand.”
Picture of Roxanna Asgarian
Child welfare agencies use a shadow system to remove kids from their parents’ care. Nobody knows how many children are placed this way or what happens to them in new homes.
Picture of Kellie  Schmitt
“COVID has exposed the result of decades of underfunding and inaction,” says Dr. Mary Owen of the Center of American Indian and Minority Health.
Picture of Giles Bruce
“We are fooling ourselves by tearing down monuments, for example, if we don’t unpack and counter these powerful mechanisms of racism and structural racism that exist in the United States,” says David Williams.



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