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Center for Health Journalism Fellowships Posts

Here is where you'll find news about the Center for Health Journalism Fellowships program and its participants. Check back often for updates on Fellows and their work, live-blogging of our seminars, and more from our staff.

Picture of Natasha Senjanovic
Rachel Louise Snyder and Melissa Jeltsen discuss strategies for telling stories about domestic violence.
Picture of Ryan White
From PTSD to traumatic brain injuries, two experts on domestic violence trauma brief reporters on what we know from the science — and still don't.
Picture of Chinyere Amobi
How she structures her reporting to create sweeping accounts of personal turmoil and overarching revelations about systems of power and their impacts on our lives.
Picture of Zaydee Sanchez
Many Indigenous farmworkers in California have struggled to access health care and money for lost wages or hazard-exposure during the pandemic.
Picture of Olga Grigoryants
In interviews with midwives and doulas, they say more of their clients are struggling with isolation, limited access to health care, fear of exposure to the virus at hospitals.
Picture of Taylor Walker
Are changes toward a "care first, jail last" model making a meaningful difference for incarcerated women and mothers?
Picture of Giles Bruce
LA Times reporter Marissa Evans shares tips for mining public records — and you don’t have to be a geek to do it.
Picture of Srishti Prabha
A new reporting project will take a deeper look at ethnic grocery stores, which have proven lifelines for their communities throughout the pandemic.
Picture of Susan  Abram
Experts explain how bias in medical care leads to illness, death, and wide health disparities.
Picture of Giles Bruce
Dan Diamond of The Washington Post, Neil Bedi of ProPublica and Kathleen McGrory of the Tampa Bay Times share strategies for getting big projects noticed.



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