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Daily Briefing: Amid Greek Debt Crisis, Lifesaving Drug Shortages Causing "Chaos"

Daily Briefing: Amid Greek Debt Crisis, Lifesaving Drug Shortages Causing "Chaos"

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Drug Chaos:

There's a troubling health angle to the Greek debt crisis, as major pharmaceutical companies like Roche and Bayer decline to sell lifesaving medications to hospitals and pharmacies already in debt. Shortages of antibiotics, insulin and other critical medications are getting worse, Helene Colliopoulou reports for Agence France Presse. To make matters worse, pharmacists are refusing to extend credit to patients served by the country's largest government-run health provider, Stelios Bouras reports for the Wall St. Journal.

Global Health: New research reinforces longstanding concerns over global warming's impact on people's health, as the geographic distribution of tropical diseases spreads and it becomes harder to grow food in some regions, Jason Koebler reports for U.S. News and World Report. Read our tips for reporting on climate change and health.

Face Transplant: Mike Clary of the Sun Sentinel examines the issues and costs in caring for the homeless Florida man whose face was chewed off by a deranged man. He could face 20 to 30 operations including a face transplant – all financed by taxpayers, doctors have said.

Tobacco Tax: A proposed tobacco tax on the ballot in California appeared headed for a narrow loss after Tuesday's election, but many absentee votes still need to be counted in the close election, the Associated Press reports.

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Photo credit: May 1 protests in Greece photographed for Piazza del Popolo via Flickr

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