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CT Scan Study: Overuse Can Raise Kids' Brain Cancer Risk

CT Scan Study: Overuse Can Raise Kids' Brain Cancer Risk

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CT Scans: Overuse of CT scans on children can raise the risk of cancer, according to a study published in the Lancet. The absolute risk of the scans is low, but the finding provides a reason for doctors to cut back on unnecessary scans, reports Richard Knox for NPR.

Superbugs: Untreatable strains of gonorrhea have spread around the world, the World Health Organization announced. The superbugs were created by overuse of antibiotics, reports Kate Kelland for Reuters.

Hospital Rankings: The Leapfrog Group, a nonprofit healthcare improvement organization, has released letter grades for 2,651 hospitals based on 26 patient safety measures, reports Jordan Rau for Kaiser Health News.

Vaccines: A report from the Office of the Inspector General suggest that 76 percent of childhood vaccines are being stored at temperatures that are too warm or too cold. This inappropriate storage could decrease the effectiveness of vaccines, but does not make them less safe, reports Kristina Fiore for Medical News Today.

Migrant Health: Clinics that offer care to undocumented workers have been targeted by immigration enforcement officers in some areas, reports Phil Galewitz for Kaiser Health News.

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