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Center for Health Journalism Member Posts

The Center for Health Journalism invites journalists, policy thinkers and medical professionals to share their perspectives with our diverse and interdisciplinary community. Our member column captures a range of perspectives on health, health policy and health journalism. Interested in contributing? Reach out to

Picture of Ariel Boone
What I learned during the process of reporting my series on the opioid crisis in unhoused communities in the East Bay was just how many lives are saved each day by the people at the center of the crisis — like Thad.
Picture of Danielle Bergstrom
Why journalists interested in accountability reporting on investments related to health and neighborhoods should start with local tax measures.
Picture of Monica Vaughan
The boom of local truck traffic is adding to the environmental burdens South Fresno residents are already facing.
Picture of Daniel Ross
Given the county’s focus on the issue in recent years, the lack of progress is notable.
Picture of Taylor Walker
The county's child welfare statistics offer a bleak picture of the current situation.
Picture of Lee Romney
The evening that cemented my relationship with my collaborator involved a waterfront bar, a deafening tuba solo, and my attempt to take a call from a now-disgraced former sheriff.
Picture of Meera Kymal
This reporting team will seek to make more transnational abandonment survivors aware of their options and navigate existing law.
Picture of Michelle Levander
These eight California journalists will undertake ambitious explanatory or investigative reporting projects about California’s health challenges and opportunities for change.
Picture of Donnell Alexander
Before I even knew the broader perimeters of my series, I knew that I wanted to give voice to the people who were not free to tell their stories.
Picture of Theodore Alcorn
Alcohol use has an outsize impact on public health in New Mexico, where alcohol is involved in one in six deaths among working-age adults.



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