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Center for Health Journalism Member Posts

The Center for Health Journalism invites journalists, policy thinkers and medical professionals to share their perspectives with our diverse and interdisciplinary community. Our member column captures a range of perspectives on health, health policy and health journalism. Interested in contributing? Reach out to

Picture of Dana Ullman
As the pandemic unfolded, our stories shifted to reflect the hidden epidemics and issues facing Mendocino County that were eclipsed by pandemic coverage, guided by the topics highlighted by our community engagement effort.
Picture of Stephen Simpson
For years, statistics have shown that a person born in the Delta of Arkansas has a lower life expectancy than someone born in the urban areas of Central and Northwest Arkansas.
Picture of Michelle Levander
The initiative will support the work of 13 talented and diverse journalists from around the country.
Picture of Greta Mart
For decades now, oil companies have been pumping wastewater deep back underground across California, via wells penetrating the same oil field. What does the science tell us about the health risks?
Picture of Olga Grigoryants
For series on home births, a reporter recounts how she overcame a key challenge: "I felt I was missing the voices of people I was writing about, the women who opted for home birth."
Picture of Emily  DeRuy
There is no elder care system in California, and the options are particularly dire for families with scant resources.
Picture of Taylor Walker
A unique program in Los Angeles County focuses on getting pregnant people out of jail and into housing where they are supported during and after their pregnancy with services.
Picture of Kellie  Schmitt
Reporters Tony Barboza and Anna Phillips take us behind the scenes of their yearlong investigation.
Picture of Sonja Sharp
Modern obstetrics has largely turned its back on the large and growing number of disabled women who get pregnant.
Picture of Genoa Barrow
In Sacramento, a reporter finds the Black community tired of being ignored, tired of not having its needs met, and tired of dying.



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