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Center for Health Journalism Member Posts

The Center for Health Journalism invites journalists, policy thinkers and medical professionals to share their perspectives with our diverse and interdisciplinary community. Our member column captures a range of perspectives on health, health policy and health journalism. Interested in contributing? Reach out to

Picture of Deb Gordon
Activists and providers use digital technology and offshore pharmacies to help women end their own pregnancies.
Picture of Brooke Holland
A reporter charts the devastating toll of novel coronavirus outbreaks in Santa Barbara County skilled nursing facilities and other long-term care facilities.
Picture of Kate Bradshaw
Pivot. Move forward. And hit the streets. A reporter reflects on lessons learned from reporting on food insecurity during the pandemic.
Picture of Kristi Coale
A new department was tasked with using technology to track people across the social services system, but the effort failed expectations.
Picture of Angela Chen
A reporter dives into a complicated story to help residents understand the health risks in their backyard.
Picture of Ann Marie Cunningham
Three very different tragedies from a state where hunting is very popular and guns are widely accessible.
Picture of Pooja Garg
Even as Indian Americans have made big strides in areas of education, science, and technology in their adopted country, the specter of family violence in the community has largely remained hidden.
Picture of Elena Kuznetsova
A new reporting project, with support from the Center for Health Journalism’s Domestic Violence Impact Reporting Fund, will underscore the challenges facing Sacramento’s Slavic immigrant women when facing domestic violence.
Picture of Anne Saker
A reporting team plans to focus on a month of domestic violence arrests, asking, how many of offenders and survivors themselves spent childhoods in domestic violence?
Picture of Francisco Castro
A series of three articles will delve deeper into domestic violence among undocumented immigrants, and offer statistics and resources where victims of abuse can find help.



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