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The Center for Health Journalism invites journalists, policy thinkers and medical professionals to share their perspectives with our diverse and interdisciplinary community. Our member column captures a range of perspectives on health, health policy and health journalism. Interested in contributing? Reach out to

Picture of Kristi Coale
The city’s Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing is the main agency that oversees San Francisco’s shelters and services — and it has little to no oversight.
Picture of Jacob Pierce
Being homeless poses huge daily health risks, and Santa Cruz, California offers no exception.
Picture of Sarah Klearman
“Disasters have a way of exposing the most vulnerable among us, and putting them in harm’s way,” a local nonprofit leader told me.
Picture of Caitlin Antonios
A new investigative series will use public records to report on California's vaccine distribution, equity and data collection.
Picture of Adriana Camarena
Los funcionarios de salud de San Francisco sabían desde fines de marzo de 2020, y ciertamente en abril, que la población latina estaba siendo afectada de manera desproporcionada por la epidemia del COVID-19 y, sin embargo, no tomaron medidas efectivas para abordar la crisis. Si bien las personas lat
Picture of Adriana Camarena
"The virus is revealing the systemic neglect of the Latinx community and essential workforce in established health care pathways," two journalists write.
Picture of Holly McDede
Why are students turning to social media to report sexual harm rather than parents or school administrators?
Picture of Keith Burbank
In Santa Clara County, homeless deaths are skyrocketing while the homeless population has not substantially changed.
Picture of Kaitlin Cimini
California farmworkers have been hit especially hard by the virus, as they often live in overcrowded housing, travel in groups to work, and lack access to health insurance.
Picture of Lauren Katz
With the group’s growth came new challenges — how do you balance limited staff with a growing need for moderation?



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