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Hunter S. Thompson's Ibogaine: Help for Addiction?

Hunter S. Thompson's Ibogaine: Help for Addiction?

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Here's what we're checking out today:

Rehab: Can the hallucinogen ibogaine help drug addicts kick the habit? Keegan Hamilton reviews the evidence on ThePitch. 

Health Costs: Ron Shinkman of FierceHealthFinance opines about the limitations of health reform in reducing health care costs, referencing a classic street con.

Rationing: A heartbreaking story about rationing health care (and which has nothing to do with health reform) comes from NPR's Ted Robbins, who reports on a group of low-income Arizonans who were approved for government-paid heart transplants, then denied the surgery because of state budget cuts. For some, it could be a death sentence.

Medicare: We're sure this proposal will be warmly greeted: a national debt reduction panel has called for seniors to pick up far more of their Medicare costs in the future, report Phil Galewitz and Jordan Rau for Kaiser Health News.

Tobacco Control: Cool! In California, illegal sales of cigarettes to minors are at an all-time low, according to public health investigators.


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