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The California Endowment

Picture of Michelle Levander
We're happy to announc the selection of 23 California journalists to be Fellows with the Center for Health Journalism’s annual California Fellowship. They will join us next week.
Picture of Michelle Levander
With our new blog “The Health Divide,” our aim is to inspire conversations and help journalists portray how larger forces outside of the doctor’s office can shape community health.
Picture of Michelle Levander

Twenty-one journalists from around the nation will receive reporting grants from the new Fund for Journalism on Child Well-Being, the Dennis A. Hunt Fund for Health Journalism and the National Health Journalism Fellowship.

Picture of Ryan White

Dr. Robert Ross and Professor Gerald Kominsi offer thought-provoking perspectives on health reform to California journalists at USC Annenberg: the horse-race style coverage of the Affordable Care Act’s bumpy start has a way of obscuring the sheer magnitude of the changes underfoot.

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Our all-star panel, including Sarah Kliff of the Washington Post and Peggy Girshman of Kaiser Health News, discuss via webcast key issues journalists need to know about covering the Affordable Care Act implementation.

Picture of Michelle Levander

USC Annenberg Awards $60,000 in health reporting grants to support ambitious investigative and explanatory journalism.

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It's difficult for Norma Navarro to explain to her children why they get different treatment -- one was born in the U.S. and the other is undocumented. With implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the gap between their treatment may continue to grow.

Picture of Michelle Levander

Our conference, “Expanding Coverage: News and Information to Enhance Community Health,” highlights journalistic innovation.

Picture of Michelle Levander

Mark Bittman will share his provocative views on food policy in Los Angeles on Nov. 14. Will you be there?

Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

Michelle Obama kicks off a new $200 million loan fund to bring more fresh and nutritious food to the California communities that need it most.



The nation’s overdose epidemic has entered a devastating new phase. Drugs laced with fentanyl and even more poisonous synthetics have flooded the streets, as the crisis spreads well beyond the rural, largely white communities that initially drew attention. The death rate is escalating twice as fast among Black people than among white people. This webinar will give journalists deep insights, fresh story ideas and practical tips for covering an epidemic that killed more than 107,000 people in the U.S. last year. Sign-up here!


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