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Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

Promises, threats and predictions about health care fill our first Daily Briefing of 2011!

Picture of Christopher  Cook

Veteran food policy journalist Christopher Cook offers context on "food deserts" and how to identify and report on them in your community.

Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

Here's a recap of the latest developments on the health reform front, along with some helpful resources and story ideas for your community.

March 21, 2010, 10 p.m. PST

Picture of Janet Wilson

I'm thrilled to have been selected to receive a Dennis A. Hunt Health Journalism grant, and look forward to meeting my fellow fellows at the upcoming October conference. As a freelancer, this grant will, quite simply, enable me to do in depth reporting that I could not have otherwise. My project will examine the history of industrial contamination in a small California city, and a unique effort by federal and local officials to forge solutions. The work is slated to be published in the Christian Science Monitor, and a chain of bi-lingual, Hispanic-English newspapers.


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