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Picture of Beau Yarbrough
Students learn how bullying impacts one another and create their own plans to help.
Picture of Ginny Monk
Educational and child care disruptions because of housing instability are growing increasingly common. The disruptions can have immediate and long-term impacts on kids’ mental health, academic success and social lives.
Picture of Blanca Torres
Jasmine Cuevas is among millions of parents whose children are struggling with their emotional and mental health.
Picture of Cassandra Garibay
Extreme heat days and prolonged heat waves, which will become more frequent in the near future, can create serious health concerns.
Picture of Donna C. Moss
“One of my clients called me crying because she couldn’t even find the campus counseling center.”
Picture of Alex Stuckey
There are only eight kids in this class at Linda Tutt Learning Center, but the chaos erupting throughout the room and spilling into the hallway would set any teacher on edge.
Picture of Pooja Garg
"My name is Uma. I am a domestic violence survivor, and this is my story."
Picture of Pooja Garg
Anyone seeing Khambete from a distance could be forgiven for thinking that just like so many Indian Americans, she too was living the American Dream. Yet all wasn’t well at home.
Picture of Pooja Garg
In the midst of a cancer diagnosis, Uma found the courage to leave the relationship.
Picture of Katherine  Kam
Americans are reporting high levels of emotional distress from the coronavirus pandemic -- levels that some experts warn may lead to a national mental health crisis.



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