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Matthew Holt has spent more than 15 years in health care as a researcher, forecaster, and strategist. He has conducted in-depth studies about many aspects of health care for public release and private clients. He publishes his analysis and opinions about health care online daily in The Health Care Blog ( Mr. Holt started his health care career conducting international health policy research at Stanford's Asia Pacific Research Center.

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Dr. Riley can discuss the common means of transmission for the SARS virus -- "a new variant on an old pathogen," he says. This includes airborne transmission and direct contact with an infected person. Riley says public health officials in the United States are doing the best they can to contain the spread of SARS, and that people should not panic. He says that SARS may be spreading more rapidly in Asia because of the crowded living conditions in many urban centers there.

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Dr. Davida Coady is founder, medical director and former executive director of Options Recovery Services, a program for substance abuse treatment that came out of the Berkeley court system. Options Recovery Services provides free comprehensive addiction treatment to court-ordered clients (covered by Proposition 36 since 2001) and outpatient clients who are also homeless, indigent and dually diagnosed.

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David Pellow is a professor and the Don Martindale Endowed Chair of sociology at the University of Minnesota. Previously, he was a professor in the department of ethnic studies at UC San Diego and director of California Cultures in Comparative Perspective, a research initiative that supports creative interdisciplinary research, teaching and collaborations among faculty, students, and the public. His areas of research focus on environmental conflict in ethnic communities in the United States, Africa and Asia.



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