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Picture of Michael LaForgia

To Campbell Park. To Fairmount Park. To Lakewood, Maximo, or Melrose. The five worst elementary schools in Pinellas County­ — all among the very worst schools in Florida — have seats with their name tags on them.

Picture of Michael LaForgia

First the School Board abandoned integration, leaving the schools overwhelmingly poor and black. Then they broke promises to help and stood by and did nothing as black children started failing at outrageous rates.

Picture of Ryan White

The media cycle seems perpetually filled with reports of violence perpetrated against or by young people. But there are some encouraging trends in the data on violence and abuse against young people. Researchers just aren't sure how to explain the gains.

Picture of Ryan White

New research has found that bullies had better health profiles than those not involved in bullying at all, while victims displayed less healthy blood readings over time. The study adds to a growing body of knowledge on how adversity and stress become embedded in our bodies and shape health.

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Our Univision series tells the story of a woman who quietly lived in a very violent relationship. Due to her undocumented status, she feared the authorities, she didn’t know where to find help, and mostly she was threaten to be deported if she said anything about her situation.

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"It feeds into a fear of rape and sexual violence and has a harmful effect on broader issues of equality" * * * "it has an impact on their self-esteem and body image" as well as a sense of safety and autonomy over self."



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