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Picture of Beau Yarbrough
Students learn how bullying impacts one another and create their own plans to help.
Picture of Marisa Kendall
Stories from the Bay Area’s tiny homes full of hope, disappointment.
Picture of Jennifer Bowman
A guide to help people, including those with severe mental illness and their loved ones, navigate the complicated legal process.  
Picture of Viji Sundaram
California’s coercive control law was enacted too late to help Blanca in her divorce from a husband she describes as manipulative and emotionally abusive.
Picture of Viji Sundaram
A judge in Southern California embraced a new state law allowing victims to claim coercive control, that was designed to tip the balance in favor of women seeking child custody and restraining orders.
Picture of Viji Sundaram
A California law broadening domestic violence protections could help restrain abusers who manipulate their partners financially and psychologically. Two women who sought remedies through the courts share stories of a justice system stacked against them.
Picture of Adam Mahoney
Hundreds of people have been shot and killed in the industrial corridors of Wilmington, California.
Picture of Chloe Lee Rowlands
Many Bay Area seniors worry about how they can afford to live out their retirement years here — and they have reason for concern.
Picture of Chloe Lee Rowlands
Many seniors in the Bay Area are already struggling to make ends meet, and it’s about to get a whole lot worse.
Picture of Beau Yarbrough
This story is part of a larger project for the 2021 Data Fellowship, a program of the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism....



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