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With Biomonitoring California, state health and environmental officials have hit an early milestone in their efforts to discover which industrial chemicals are making their way into the bodies of residents. Research has shown that chemical exposure can seriously disrupt cellular function over time.

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My early exposure to drinking alcohol is probably familiar to many Korean Americans, who, starting at a young age, often witness how much alcohol is valued, celebrated and considered a key part of socializing and enjoyment with friends and family.

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Spending money to track hospital-acquired infections and complications could save money in the long run.

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Although treating fevers helps in the fight against malaria, giving ACT without malaria diagnosis can portend disaster, a Kenyan health expert has said, warning that no African country should continue business as usual. Malaria continues to imperil millions of African lives.

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The CDC has used cutting-edge DNA tests to place valley fever firmly in Washington state. That means the fungus is likely to show up in other western states. A more complete map of valley fever’s true range should soon emerge as the testing effort expands.

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New research proves for the first time that the fungus that causes valley fever is living in Washington state, far outside its traditional boundaries in the Southwest U.S. and Mexico. While the findings aren't cause for panic, the news suggests clinicians should be on the watch for symptoms.

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While the CDC declared measles 'eliminated' in 2000, California is seeing an unusually high number of measles infections so far this year. And of the state’s 56 reported cases to date, one county has more than a third of them.

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News of a cluster of birth defects in Eastern Washington has all the makings of a true medical horror story: children being born missing parts of their brain and authorities withholding information from scared parents. But there’s another story here.

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A recent report by a federal agency found that prison workers who live in the community are suffering from valley fever in large numbers. In their case, the prisons themselves cannot easily be blamed.

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Nine hold out states are preventing the United States as a whole from addressing its high rate of deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth. And they’ve been holding out for 10 years.



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