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Picture of Kristen Taketa
There’s aid available, but the system can be tough to navigate. Here’s what parents need to know.
Picture of Kristen Taketa
The state is supposed to help families afford child care. But few qualify for help, and most of those who do are not being served.
Picture of Kristen Taketa
The aid reaches only a small fraction of families who need it — and providers, who aren’t paid enough to cover their costs, remain stretched to the limit.
Picture of Yanqi Xu
Generations of corn growing, feedlot runoff and unwitting nitrogen overuse has left a sobering legacy buried in the Nebraska soil.
Picture of Sabrina Moreno
How policy decisions in Virginia led Latinos to being among the most likely to get infected, hospitalized and die in the first two years of the pandemic.
Picture of Sabrina Moreno
How policy decisions and limited investment in Virginia made Latinos the most likely to get infected, hospitalized and die.
Picture of Sabrina Moreno
A newly released state-ordered audit found Virginia agencies have failed to competently provide information to the almost half a million residents who speak little to no English.
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The Enquirer will host a Facebook Live event at noon Thursday to discuss how to expand the solutions described in the news organization’s in-depth report last month about domestic violence in the Cincinnati.
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New whooping cough immunizations required for California teens, health reform woes for immigrant children and more from our Daily Briefing.


The nation’s overdose epidemic has entered a devastating new phase. Drugs laced with fentanyl and even more poisonous synthetics have flooded the streets, as the crisis spreads well beyond the rural, largely white communities that initially drew attention. The death rate is escalating twice as fast among Black people than among white people. This webinar will give journalists deep insights, fresh story ideas and practical tips for covering an epidemic that killed more than 107,000 people in the U.S. last year. Sign-up here!


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