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childhood obesity

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The rate of childhood obesity has tripled over the past 30 years. While there are no easy solutions, programs that focus on the whole family have shown positive results in changing both behaviors and health measures.

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When freelance reporter Kit Stolz began reporting on the obesity disparity between two towns in Ventura County, he found officials in one town happy to talk while those in the other where hard to get on the line. In this post, he shares some of his missteps and lessons learned along the way.

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Is America’s ongoing obesity epidemic merely a tale of changing social and cultural norms, or do our genes play a starring role as well? Or is the key contained in the nexus between the two? New research sheds light on the historically shifting role of a gene that raises one's risk of obesity.

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New research links the presence of smartphones and screens in kids' bedrooms to less sleep in fourth- and seventh-graders. And less sleep can be a risk factor for obesity, poorer school performance and other health problems. But kids getting less sleep is not a new trend.

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There's been growing awareness in recent years that our social and physical environment influences obesity rates. Now researchers say they have further evidence to support the idea that secondhand smoke and roadway pollution add to BMI increases and obesity.

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Earlier this year, encouraging news broke of a marked decrease in early childhood obesity. But overall childhood obesity rates have held steady, a recent report finds, with big disparities persisting among minorities and Southerners.

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Can stamps encourage any type of behavior change youth? I’d say it’s as much on their radar screens as having to get up off the sofa to change the TV channel, like I did in the age before remote controls.


Navigating the health-care system is difficult for many patients, but perhaps the most challenging for those who are undocumented and only speak Spanish.

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Health reporters aren’t accustomed to having positive news to report on the childhood obesity front, but the recent CDC report has both good and bad news.

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I-News at Rocky Mountain PBS posted today its package on the Colorado state law and childhood obesity. So far, Rocky Mountain PBS has done a 15-minute program on it and 9News has tapped a segment on the story.



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