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Coachella Valley

Picture of Bernice Yeung

Although California is the world’s 9th largest economy and a hub of tech innovation, some of the state’s residents live in communities that lack basic services ­like clean water and functioning sewage systems.

Picture of Bernice Yeung

Nearly every day, Arleen Hernandez battles an aging septic tank that backs up into her toilet and shower. Upon moving to Parklawn in 1986, she didn’t realize her new neighborhood lacks basic public services.

Picture of William Heisel

Tracie McMillan talks about reporting undercover for her new book exploring how and why Americans eat the way they do.

Picture of Nicole Brambila

OK. So, here's a confession.

Blogging scares me.

It's not that I can't write down my thoughts. Or that I can't will myself to the computer. It's just that blogs are right and left and crazy with opinions. We all have readers out there lerking in the shadows desperate for a sliver of a bias -- which we all have, but are loathe to admit --  and I hate to give them any ammunition.

Or is that just my readers?


Anyway, here's me... writing a blog.



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