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Dr. Sunita Puri explains how hospitals are thinking about the tough decisions they'd be forced to make in high-surge scenarios.
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In the past 30 years, Indianapolis' infant mortality rate has decreased by more than a third. But Indiana still has the second-highest black infant mortality rate in the country.
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Here’s what we’re reading today:

Transplant: Kudos to Reuters Health reporter Frederik Joelving for exposing a New York Post story about alleged “Bronx wife-killer” Joey Concepcion getting a liver transplant as flat-out wrong. Will heads roll at the Post? The Village Voice has a great wrap-up – with some unanswered questions – on the fiasco.

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When your child dies because of mistakes made by a doctor, you can sue. Scott and Kathy Broussard did that when Dr. Andrew Rutland twisted their daughter Jillian Broussard's neck so severely that he separated her head from her spine. Most patients either lose in court or settle their cases. If they settle, they go silent. How many times have you called a patient's family to be told, "We can't talk under the terms of the settlement."? The Broussards settled their case, but that didn't stop them from talking.


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