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South Bethlehem faces a complex list of challenges like housing affordability, but residents remain optimistic that they can help their city leaders solve these problems if they get a seat at the table.
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"My grief and frustration over JJ’s fate were compounded by all I learned about the effects of toxic stress on a developing brain."
Picture of Issac Bailey
This story was produced as a project for the 2019 National Fellowship.
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An actor-turned-activist founded the "We Got This" program five years ago. It is aimed squarely at boys like Maleak, who has a father in prison, a mother struggling to make ends meet and, often, lots of pent-up anger.
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Medical professionals and researchers have long studied the effect of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and lifelong mental health and addiction. Now awareness is growing of the link between childhood trauma on long-term physical health.
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While many students seem unaffected by the violence, medical experts say the mere knowledge of killings can cause them to experience their own trauma and lose their sense of safety.
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Reaching poor people with dental care means unraveling so many other things, including the isolation, difficult living conditions, fear and other burdens of poverty.

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You might think that spending ten years on the street, two of them at 6th and Mission, might mean that a person is a hopeless case. If you're thinking that way, even secretly in your mind, as you pass people huddled under urine-soaked gray-felted blankets, then now's the time for you to meet

Picture of R. Jan Gurley

This is one in a series of articles, running between Thanksgiving and January, examining the relationship between housing loss and death in San Francisco. Check out the previous articles in the series, 

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Doctors at some universities are still getting lucrative speaking gigs from Big Pharma, and more from our Daily Briefing.



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