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Picture of Ward Alper

Appropriate carbohydrate intake differs with each individual diabetic patient. I figured out what works for me, but that might not work for others.

Picture of Ward Alper

Within the first few minutes after my diagnosis as a diabetic, the one thing that became blazingly clear to me was that I had to change my diet. Easily said, not always so easily done.

Picture of Linda Marsa

After Hurricane Katrina triggered the collapse of New Orleans’s public health system, shuttering 13 of 16 acute care hospitals, the city has reformed how it cares for residents, making it a model for disaster preparedness.

Picture of Anthony Advincula

Diabetes-related deaths have reached an all-time high in New York City, and communities of color are being hit the hardest.

Picture of Rishi Manchanda

Innovative providers understand health is more than a chemical equation that can be balanced with pills and procedures. They see that health begins in our everyday lives, in the places where we live, work, eat, and play.

Picture of Susan  Abram

Outreach workers from health clinics have spent the last three years in search of 390,000 Los Angeles County residents who are uninsured and can qualify for free health insurance.

Picture of Collin Tong

Katie Forgette's new play, which has debuted in Seattle, captures the reality of life in adult homes. And it says a lot about political policy and philosophy.

Picture of Taunya English

Investigators at the University of Pennsylvania are studying what is takes to get a good night's sleep in Philadelphia.

Picture of Francine Kaufman, M.D.

Haiti is like a mix-master for our emotions. We are thrilled to be here and feel we helped make this camp possible and so potentially transformative for these kids. But no matter what we do, the kid’s diabetes control is still so incredibly poor.

Picture of Francine Kaufman, M.D.

In many ways, diabetic children in Haiti seem just like other children around the world facing this disease. Then, they talk about not being able to get to the doctor, or not having all the medicine they need, and they distinguish themselves as being different from most others across the globe.



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