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Picture of Kate Long

Journalist Kate Long offers diabetes resources in her examination of West Virginia's epidemics of chronic disease and obesity and the efforts to reverse them.  Her series is called "The Shape We're In."

Picture of Kate Long

Kate Long looks at the laundry list of problems that extra body fat can cause, including Alzheimer's Disease, sleep apnea and incontinence. This story is part of a Charleston Gazette series called "The Shape We're In."

Picture of Rita Beamish

Premature birth is a global killer. Leaving the womb too early accounts for more than 1 million infant deaths each year, the latest data reveals, almost half of all newborn mortality worldwide. But it’s not just the toll on newborns that increasingly concerns health experts.

Picture of Kate Long

About 125,000 diabetics live in West Virginia, according to Gallup Healthways. Another estimated 125,000 are near-diabetic, but can still head it off. Less than half have ever talked with anyone who could show them how to prevent or control "sugar" through physical activity, what they eat, and medication management, according to a federal Centers for Disease Control survey.

Picture of Elaine Korry

Journalist Elaine Korry embarks on a new reporting project: how will states and insurers decide who gets what health benefits - and for what cost - under the Affordable Care Act?

Picture of Ryan White

What if the real answer to runaway health care costs isn’t to be found in the legislative boxing rings of Washington, but rather in something as seemingly simple as curbing our sugar intake?

Picture of Kate Long

More than one in four West Virginia fifth-graders are now obese. One in four already has high blood pressure. What's their future going to be?

Picture of Tom Wilemon

Tennessee is a state with an obesity epidemic, a fact that a team of reporters at The Tennessean has been exploring from many angles for the past two years and that Gov. Bill Haslam identified earlier this year as the state’s top health priority.

Picture of Nathanael Johnson

Inquiry into the FDA demanded, Medicaid cheats arrested, heart attacks more survivable and more from our Daily Briefing.

Picture of Bill Graves

Candida KingBird, 38, has lived a decade with diabetes and has five children, the last of whom nearly died from problems related to the disease after a cesarean section. Read about her journey through a difficulty, risky sixth pregnancy.



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