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For your Friday reading, here's what's not to miss in today's Daily Briefing.

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Does the HIV "cure" recently reported in Germany live up to the hype it's getting? Answers and more from our Daily Briefing.

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Natalie Quijado, a remarkable 4th grader from Fontana, is a real-life "Little Miss Sunshine." The 10-year-old girl helps her neighbor Marina Carrillo, who suffers from Lupus and is raising an autistic child.

Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

Here’s what we’re checking out today:

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Concern refills the lives of more than thirty dialysis patients in Atlanta. They are reaching the date will no longer receive the treatment that keeps them alive. On 31 August contract expires on Grady Hospital signed with Fresenius private clinic for further treatment of these patients, mostly illegal immigrants.
Picture of Linda Perez
El domingo 28 de agosto expacientes de diálisis del Hospital Grady, junto con familiares y defensores de su situación, buscaron un momento de paz. Reunidos en la iglesia Oakhurst Presbyterian en Decatur, recordaron que son una familia y dejaron su futuro en manos de Dios ante la posibilidad de que en unos días no vuelvan a tener el servicio médico que les resulta vital.
Picture of Linda Perez
Throughout this year, in which the former Grady dialysis patients have been compromised treatment, several people have supported. However, there are allegations that the aid of the Hispanic community is almost nil.
Picture of Linda Perez
It was ten o'clock, wet heat was hard to bear and the doctor Neil Shulman desperately shouted through a loudspeaker: "It is going to die! They are going to die!". Around a dozen people nodded and looked at him with saddened eyes. Held in their hands banners reading: "Grady, Do not Let Them Die" (Grady, do not let them die!).
Picture of Linda Perez
Members of the Board of Commissioners of Fulton want to finally resolving the situation of former patients of the outpatient clinic of Grady Hospital dialysis and even questioned the close of this center last year.
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Shuka Kalantari interviews artist Victor Zaballa about his experience with organ donation and its impact on the Latino community.



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