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Picture of Justin Murphy
In its announcement that Rochester's trees should be protected, the Landmark Society of Western New York's cited a Democrat and Chronicle 2022 series on the topic.
Picture of Jeremy Siegel
Residents and activists say the airport expansion, completed half a century ago, continues to harm their health and well-being today.
Picture of Mariah Castaneda
Residents living near the former battery recycling plant in have long complained about issues with the cleanup, and now employees of the contractors responsible for the cleanup are speaking out too.
Picture of Talis Shelbourne
Although the upgrades at Cottage Gardens are ongoing, emergency department visits have dropped significantly.
Picture of Monica Vaughan
Clean air advocates hope the EPA will step in to strengthen regulations of polluting industries.
Picture of Monica Vaughan
A California senator set out to ban agricultural burning in the San Joaquin Valley nearly 20 years ago. What happened?
Picture of Monica Vaughan
Even with $220 million in financial incentives, growers are wondering how they’ll afford whole orchard recycling in the long term – especially small farmers, who have fewer resources to begin with.
Picture of Monica Vaughan
In their new plan to ban agricultural burning, air regulators are using outreach and financial incentives to convince growers to adopt an alternative known as whole orchard recycling.
Picture of Justin Murphy
More than 100 people responded to a call from the Democrat and Chronicle for their favorite tree in Rochester.
Picture of Adam Mahoney
A new community survey exposes widespread cancer, asthma, anxiety, and depression in Wilmington, California.



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