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Picture of Laura Ungar

This organization receives more than 40,000 calls a year to its crisis lines, which guide addicts through those dark moments by connecting them with the treatment they need.

Picture of Laura Ungar

Michael Donta, 24, tried to seek help for his prescription drug addiction but was never successful and he eventually took his own life in 2010.

Picture of Laura Ungar

Recovery Kentucky centers opened across the state to help people break free of addiction and avoid chronic homelessness.

Picture of Laura Ungar

Experts say it’s nearly impossible to compare the effectiveness of one drug-addiction treatment against another because so much depends on the needs of the addict — and there is debate about how well medication-assisted therapy works.

Picture of Laura Ungar

In a state with one of the nation’s worst prescription-drug abuse problems, Kentucky's substance abuse programs often have long waiting lists, leaving those in need of help with nowhere to turn.

Picture of Laura Ungar

Prescription drug addictions in Kentucky are at an all time high. Laura Ungar reports on how this epidemic also leads to higher crime rates in concentrated areas.

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As the world was engrossed in watching the Kony 2012 viral video, released by the invisible children depicting the atrocities of Joseph Kony in Northern Uganda, An Invisible disease called the Nodding disease was taking its toll on the people of Northern Uganda. Not many in the international media mentioned the nodding disease, even when it dep...
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Think about this: More than 200,000 West Virginians have contracted a disease that kills people. About 69,000 of them don't know they have it.

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Has autism always been with us at the numbers we see today, or is there actually more of it? It’s a complicated question, but the organization Autism Speaks is confusing the issue.

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Why do people in Montana know more about their cows than their healthcare-acquired infections like MRSA? And what does that mean for patient safety?



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