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What the American Cancer Society is doing to improve the care of uninsured individuals with cancer.

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A San Bernardino mother files a law suit against a Child Guidance Center in Orange County.

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Working with private litigators, the L.A. City Attorney's office goes to bat for people whose health insurance is wrongfully rescinded.

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The future of Natividad

Part 1: On the verge of closure: Natividad's financial struggles threten its existence

Part 2: Turning around a public safety-net hospital: A last-ditch effort to save Natividad suceeds beyond expectations

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A full-term baby will get the best start in life, but more and more mothers are delivering beore 37 weeks. Although U.S. hospitals take excellent care of these tiny patients, what is the cause of the mysterious increase in preterm births?

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NBC33TV anchor Valentina Wilson takes a look at a possible obesity virus. Looking at a pathogen called AD-36, may help doctors find the cause of some cases of obesity and help find a way to combat the growing obesity problem in Louisiana.



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