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food insecurity

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The Dennis A. Hunt Fund for Health Journalism provides grants of $2,500 to $10,000 for reporting on critical health issues facing underserved communities.


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With no money, a right leg amputated at the knee (due to an infection), no prosthesis, and living completely dependent on a wheelchair that has, at times, been stolen, and a brother to push him over our city’s hills and curbs, it’s quite a trek for Ken to make it to a location where’s there’s a food possibility.

Picture of R. Jan Gurley

Ken sleeps under a sheltered overhang in the Financial District, an area full of sun-glinting towers and chic lunchtime hot-spots. Our own map of the Top 100 restaurants shows a hefty number clustered there,

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Southern Arizona children are suffering from adult afflictions — and doctors blame it on a troubling surge in childhood obesity.

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FoodLink for Tulare County addresses food insecurity and related health issues, including obesity and diabetes, in Tulare County. FoodLink for Tulare County is a nonprofit food bank providing food to needy individuals and families in Tulare County since 1978. The program distributes over 6 million pounds of food annually to a network of food pantries and other nonprofit organizations, which directly feed needy families in the surrounding area.

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UC Davis community nutrition specialist Lucia Kaiser can talk about how Latinos have changed their eating patterns in the United States and the nutritional effects of the new diet. She also is an expert on nutrition; the impact of acculturation and food insecurity among Latinos on household food supplies and food patterns; cultural beliefs regarding diabetes; and childfeeding strategies.



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