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gene expression

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Parents love to make jokes about teenagers and their fitfully growing brains. But emerging researching supplies the science needed to understand the changes. In one key way, their brains are shrinking.
Picture of William Heisel
When it comes to addressing disorders of the brain, the medical toolkit is weak. But new mapping projects underway could gradually change our ability to treat many common brain disorders.
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Most of the media missed the genetic glitch in the latest search for the elusive G-spot. An update to the version published in Scientific American blogs, April 25, 2012.

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Just when you thought you had gotten a handle on genomics, here’s an emerging branch of bioscience that should be on your radar screen: epigenetics.

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Taught by prize-winning journalists, community health leaders, policy analysts and health care experts, this Fellowship program features two intensive sessions, held three months apart. Fellows participate in field trips, workshops and seminars highlighting some of the top health challenges facin

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Kyoungmi Kim is an assistant professor in the department of public health sciences at UC Davis. She studies statistical methodologies of gene mapping for complex traits and diseases and for analyzing gene expression microarray data.

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Dr. Kung studies the molecular genetics of cancer cells, particularly oncogenes, gene expression in cancer cells, and viruses associated with cancer. Dr. Kung is developing methods to look at large numbers of signaling molecules simultaneously.

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David M. Rocke is a distinguished professor of biostatistics in the UC Davis School of Medicine and a professor of applied sciences in the UC Davis College of Engineering. He was co-director of the Institute for Data Analysis and Visualization at UC Davis. 

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Danh Nguyen is an assistant adjunct professor of biostatistics in the department of public health sciences at UC Davis. He studies bioinformatics, molecular cancer classification, microarray gene expression data, partial least squares, dimension reduction, and statistical applications in molecular biology. He has taught classes in data analysis, genomic research using microarrays and statistical analysis.


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