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Georgia,United States

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Thomas W. Roberts is chair of the department of child and family development at SDSU. He conducts research on long-term marriages, the relationship of grandparenting to children's socialization, remarried families (including the stepmother role, kinship networks, and the socialization of new family members), and the role of religion and ethical values on family development. Roberts received his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia in 1984.

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Steven (Steve) A. Escoboza is president and CEO of the Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties, a nonprofit trade association representing hospitals and health systems. Escoboza participates in the California Healthcare Association's Executive Management Group, attends meetings of the American Hospital Association Region Nine Policy Board and serves on the Conference of Metropolitan Hospitals Association Board. Locally, Escoboza is active on a number of state and local health-related boards and committees.



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