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Picture of Cassandra Garibay
Extreme heat days and prolonged heat waves, which will become more frequent in the near future, can create serious health concerns.
Picture of Troy Farah
Medical discrimination and a lack of data make it difficult for people of color to get help for post-COVID problems.
Picture of Talis Shelbourne
Although the upgrades at Cottage Gardens are ongoing, emergency department visits have dropped significantly.
Picture of Monica Vaughan
Long-term exposure to the particulate matter released by open agricultural burning has been associated with a suite of health problems, and the communities most affected are majority-Latino.
Picture of Monica Vaughan
Clean air advocates hope the EPA will step in to strengthen regulations of polluting industries.
Picture of Monica Vaughan
A California senator set out to ban agricultural burning in the San Joaquin Valley nearly 20 years ago. What happened?
Picture of Monica Vaughan
Even with $220 million in financial incentives, growers are wondering how they’ll afford whole orchard recycling in the long term – especially small farmers, who have fewer resources to begin with.
Picture of Anita Hofschneider
One in five Indigenous Chamorros in the Northern Mariana Islands has diabetes, and the demand for dialysis is growing. But the only dialysis centers are on the capital island of Saipan.
Picture of Cassandra Garibay
Blanca Gomez has a swamp cooler, 10 fans and a small air conditioning unit in her trailer home in Cantua Creek, an unincorporated community in Fresno County.
Picture of Cassandra Garibay
This series was reported as a project for the 2022 California Fellowship. This summer, with funding from the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism, Fresnoland is taking a deeper dive into the toll heat takes on health. ...



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