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health care access

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Exhausted from the burden of her age and diabetes, Juana now pays more attention to the news. She recently learned of a California proposal to offer health insurance to people who are undocumented.

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Figuring out how to couch health policy stories in broader narratives can be a challenge, but trotting out different storytelling approaches becomes increasingly important when it comes to policy topics such as Obamacare that are in the news every day.

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What happens when the profit incentive takes over dental care for underserved schoolkids?

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With the right data and good contacts to point you to personal stories, you can find where people are having trouble receiving medical care and tell an important story.

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Toby Douglas has served as senior manager for the Medi-Cal program since 2005. He also oversees Children's Medical Services and Primary and Rural Health Programs. He previously worked as deputy director and manager of health access initiatives for San Mateo County Health Services.



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