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Picture of Amy Silverman
An investigation by KJZZ and the Arizona Daily Star found that physical and sexual abuse, as well as neglect, can occur anywhere — and often, nothing is done about it.
Picture of Laura Garcia
The goal is to keep patients from falling through the cracks in the health care system — cracks that can be more dangerous for Latinos in San Antonio's South Side.
Picture of Natalie Fertig
A POLITICO reporter and 2022 National Fellow wants to hear about the barriers people are facing in using medical cannabis.
Picture of Mohana Ravindranath
While the market is crowded with companies claiming their products meaningfully improve health — especially for underserved groups — there is still no standard slate of metrics to evaluate them.
Picture of Blanca Torres
“Folks need to be served by people who look like them and who maybe had some of their life experiences," as one coalition leader put it.
Picture of Blanca Torres
One family’s experience demonstrates the importance of addressing mental health not just for one person, but the family as a whole.
Picture of Daniel Ross
Experts hope new universal basic income programs and an innovative maternal center will help protect Black infants and mothers.
Picture of Daniel Ross
Links between environmental exposures and maternal health outcomes remain underexplored, despite recent efforts to catch up.
Picture of Blanca Torres
Demand for mental health services for children has swelled as expressions of anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts have increased alarmingly.
Picture of Jennifer Bowman
A reporter shares her own family's struggle with mental illness, and the toll it has taken.



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