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Picture of Talis Shelbourne
Talis Shelbourne reported this project on the intersection of asthma, housing and health systems with the support of a grant from USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism's 2022 Impact Fund for Reporting on Health Equity and Health Systems. ...
Picture of Rachel Showalter
Exposure to air pollution has long been a public health issue for people in South San Luis Obispo County.
Picture of Rachel Showalter
The more people are exposed to poor air quality on the Mesa, the sicker they become over time — dealing with allergy symptoms, breathing issues and, for some, even lung disease.
Picture of Theodore Alcorn
Over 73,000 residents who could benefit from treatment to reduce their alcohol consumption are not getting it, more than people addicted to all other substances combined.
Picture of Amy Yurkanin
For decades, doctors defaulted to hysterectomy to treat fibroid symptoms. That’s changing as patients push for more awareness and a wider range of treatment options.
Picture of Amy Yurkanin
Black women have high rates of fibroids – which are one of the leading causes of hysterectomies. Women in rural areas may have a harder time gaining access to alternative treatments such as uterine fibroid embolization that are available at large hospitals or specialty centers.
Picture of Laura Garcia
In Texas, the Bexar County Hospital District’s board of managers unanimously approved plans to build two new hospitals in medically underserved areas.
Picture of Ana Arana
In a Latino community near Chicago, too many victims of COVID are identified as white, Black or other.
Picture of Laura Garcia
The project's investigative journalism has made an impact. Bexar County, for example, is using maps created for the series to change its approach.
Picture of Laura Garcia
In the southern part of the city, options for hospitals, medical specialists and surgical centers are limited. Those in the industry say there’s little motivation to change that.



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