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Picture of William Heisel

Wish you had a place to compare hospital post-op infection rates before you consider where to have your procedure? In California you can with the state's map of central-line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI), MRSA and VRE.

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People don't stop getting sick or having babies even when a storm of biblical proportions threatens the entire East Coast. Our Storify examines what's happening and offers ideas for your work.

Picture of William Heisel

How North Carolina reporters "outsourced for expertise" in their groundbreaking investigation of hospital profits, and more tips from the award-winning series.

Picture of William Heisel

What you can learn from a hard-hitting investigation that doesn't vilify hospitals for wanting to make a profit.

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Think you'll be safe on Medicare? The truth is hospitals can unilaterally rescind - or steal, to put it more bluntly - Medicare coverage from patients for no other reason than to protect their own bottom lines.

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We end the week here at the Daily Briefing with new takes on big stories.

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We have a guest post today from veteran healthcare journalist Ron Shinkman, editor of Payers and Providers and healthcare finance editor for the digital publisher Ron has mined publicly available California health data for amazing stories including one on hospitals who paid their CEOS more than they spent on charity care. If you report on health in California, his tips are a must-read.



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