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Although some international health indicators have improved substantially in the last decade, poverty, conflict, lack of access to health care and/or education, poor sterilization techniques, evolving human migration patterns, unsafe water, new infectious agents and changing development activities all contribute to what seems a dismal global health climate.

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Kenneth Brown's research program focuses on the causes, complications, treatment and prevention of childhood malnutrition in low-income countries. A physician as well as a nutrition expert, Dr. Brown previously directed the UC Davis Program in International Nutrition. He can talk about issues of child feeding (breast feeding and complementary feeding), relationships between infection and nutrition, and specific nutrient deficiencies. He is conducting research in those subjects in Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Bangladesh and Nepal.

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Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D., is a health policy expert and the former Lt. Governor of New York State. She is founder and chairwoman of RID - Reduce Infection Deaths - a national campaign to support greater infection control in hospitals and other healthcare institutions. In addition to serving as Lt.



Our California Fellowship supports reporters in the Golden State pursuing ambitious projects on overlooked health and health equity issues.


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