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investigative reporting

Picture of Ryan White
Accident victims were found selling off their settlements, sometimes for pennies on the dollar.
Picture of Giles Bruce
The powerhouse reporting team shares the story behind the story, and offers sage reporting tips along the way.
Picture of Casey Toner
State law targets drug users, jamming courts with throwaway cases that burden justice system and users. A new reporting project digs into the story.
Picture of Caitlin Antonios
A new investigative series will use public records to report on California's vaccine distribution, equity and data collection.
Picture of Kate Martin
The lack of consistency in screening abuse reports is concerning enough for state legislators to consider changes to North Carolina’s system.
Picture of William Heisel
Post-election shifts in COVID-19 policies offer reporters a great opportunity for compare-and-contrast stories.
Picture of William Heisel
"The problem was, I was being played," writes contributor Bill Heisel. "The giant petrochemical company, Arco, had the city of Butte and the state of Montana outmatched."
Picture of Kathleen McGrory
Curious what’s happening in your state? Here's how one newsroom tackled the question.
Picture of Lindzi  Wessel
An investigative journalist who spent years covering the CDC weighs in on the agency's MIA status during COVID-19.
Picture of William Heisel
If you’re like me, you are alarmed by the rates of complications and deaths from sepsis worldwide. As a reporter, where do you start? Hospital Compare is a good place to begin.



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