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Jerry Brown

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Why does California's governor want to take back $1 billion in money dedicated to children's health? Answers and more in our Daily Briefing.

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Did Arizona's mental health system fail alleged Tucson shooter Jared Loughner? Plus more from our Daily Briefing.

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In the wake of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' recovery, attention turns to traumatic brain injuries. Plus more from our Daily Briefing.

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The office of Attorney General Jerry Brown has dismissed an increasing number of criminal cases against defendants suspected of elder abuse, while cutting back on surprise inspections to investigate violence and neglect in nursing homes. A California Watch review of elder abuse prosecutions found Brown's office in sharp contrast with his predecessor, Bill Lockyer, who made similar cases a top priority during his two terms. In addition to dismissing abuse prosecutions already in motion, Brown's office has filed fewer new cases per year than Lockyer's office.


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John Kim is the managing director of The Advancement Project LA, a civil rights and policy "action tank," and the director of its Healthy City Project, an all-in-one service referral and public policy research website. Healthy City has been acclaimed as a national model for data-driven policy planning resources. Through his work on Healthy City, Mr. Kim has provided direct policy and research support to local elected officials, philanthropic entities, and community-based organizations throughout the region. Mr.



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