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Latino community

Picture of Dana Ullman
The promotores already have the trust of their communities, filling gaps in public health information through translation, providing COVID-19 testing, referrals for vaccinations, and responding to the direct needs of their community with cultural understanding.
Picture of Dana Ullman
This story is part of a larger story led by Dana Ullman, a 2021 California Fellow who is reporting on disparities in the quality and access to health care for Latino and Indigenous peoples in Mendocino County. ...
Picture of Adriana Camarena
This project, which is investigating how San Francisco adapted to meet the needs of its Latinx communities during COVID-19, was led by Adriana Camarena and Alexis Terrazas with support from the 2021 Impact Fund.
Picture of Jessica Bedolla
This story was produced as part of a large project by Jessica Bedolla, a participant in the 2020 National Fellowship, who is exploring, researching and reporting the impact of this worldwide pandemic in communities along the border. ...
Picture of Jessica Bedolla
U.S.-Mexico border communities are facing dire challenges as the pandemic escalates.
Picture of Angela Naso
Have efforts to lower stigma around mental illness overlooked Latino communities? Here's how one reporter tackled the topic and some of the lessons she learned along the way.
Picture of Ana Ibarra

As Merced County in California's Central Valley grapples with a rising tide of violence over the past few years, local behavioral health clinicians are paying closer attention to PTSD. The county has recorded homicides in record numbers over the past two years.

Picture of Jeff  Kelly Lowenstein

This is a story about Oscar Argueta who has enough ambition to make important contributions to the city of Mount Pleasant, Ill., to the region and his hometown of San Luis Jilotepeque in Guatemala.

Picture of Daniel Casarez

Carmina Ramos' 2-year-old son was suffering an asthma attack and gasping for air as her boyfriend barreled 80 miles an hour on a two-lane, country road to Children's Hospital of Central California, about 45 miles away. Police stopped the car, and drew their guns as they shouted instructions...

Picture of Martha Ramirez


Almost 20 years after its founding, Latino Health Access has become a familiar figure among the Santa Ana community and the entire county. (Article in Spanish)




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