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Eve Sheedy is a deputy city attorney and the domestic violence legislative and policyadviser for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office. She has been active in domestic violence issues since the mid ‘80s and has worked to pass laws creating and insuring the rights ofvictims. She also conducts training on domestic violence‐related issues throughout the state. Sojourn Services of Santa Monica gave her its Sheila James Kuehl Award for Commitment to Battered Women and their Children in October 2003. Before joining the City Attorney’s Office, Ms.

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Judith Stein founded the Center for Medicare Advocacy, Inc. in 1986. She is currently the Executive Director. Ms. Stein has focused on legal representation of the elderly since beginning her legal career in 1975. From 1977 until 1986, Ms. Stein was the Co-Director of Legal Assistance to Medicare Patients (LAMP) where she managed the first Medicare advocacy program in the country. She has extensive experience in developing and administering Medicare advocacy projects, representing Medicare beneficiaries, producing educational materials, teaching and consulting.

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Dr. Anthony Iton was named the senior vice president for health communities at The California Endowment in August 2009. Iton oversees the endowment's 10-year, Building Healthy Communities California Living 2.0 initiative. Prior to joining the endowment, Iton served as director of and health officer for the Alameda County Department of Public Health. He had a state-mandated responsibility to protect the county's health and had authority over all medical care and public health for the county. Previously, Iton was director of health and social services for the city of Stamford, Conn.


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