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mental health

Picture of Breanna Reeves
The state acknowledges doula services as part of the solution to reduce maternal mortality.
Picture of Breanna Reeves
Securing the physical, emotional and informational support of doulas.
Picture of Jennifer Bowman
Imperial County officials routinely keep people on psychiatric holds for longer than 72 hours, often in ill-equipped facilities and without a formal hearing that’s required by law, an inewsource investigation found.
Picture of Breanna Reeves
The quest to stop unnecessary deaths of Black birthing people.
Picture of Jennifer Bowman
Some lawmakers are turning to conservatorships as a possible solution for the state’s homeless crisis, even though the system isn't ready.
Picture of Jennifer Bowman
Two moms sought mental health conservatorships for their sons. Neither case worked out the way they hoped.
Picture of Jennifer Bowman
A guide to help people, including those with severe mental illness and their loved ones, navigate the complicated legal process.  
Picture of Malea Martin
As demand skyrocketed during the pandemic, already scarce resources for youth were stretched even thinner.
Picture of Janette Villafana
As they battle the double threat of attack and criminalization, street vendors report chronic stress and trauma.
Picture of Jenna Kunze
The third in a three-part series following intergenerational impacts the United States’ nearly 200 year policy of Indian boarding schools had, and continues to have, on some tribal members on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota today.



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