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Pacific Islanders

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Three journalists share advice on listening to community voices and avoiding the specter of "poverty porn."
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For two decades, victims of U.S. nuclear bomb tests fought to obtain the Medicaid eligibility that was promised them. In the waning days of 2020, they won.
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After fleeing their homeland scarred by U.S. nuclear tests, Marshall Islanders finally get the health care that was promised them.
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Indigenous burial traditions were already threatened by economic pressures and changing cultures. Then the pandemic struck.
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A new article published by the East-West Center outlines how the state can effectively stem the rapidly growing coronavirus cases in the Pacific Islander community.
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City officials say they are trying to get testing sites up and running quickly, and plan to keep improving outreach efforts.
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Filipinos in Hawaii have the next-highest death rate, composing 24% of deaths but only 16% of the population.
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Other states like Oregon have done more to include Pacific Islander community leaders in the pandemic emergency response and provide them with resources.
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Issues surrounding sexuality can be a difficult topic for many people to openly discuss, but additional cultural barriers can make talking about subjects like HIV/AIDS almost impossible to broach.


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