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The American Journal of Bioethics has published what has to be one of the longest corrections ever for an academic journal. And yet it manages to beg more questions than it answers.

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This Thursday, as part of the 2012 National Health Journalism Fellowship in Los Angeles, investigative reporter Duff Wilson will address the story that has everyone talking about food lobbying: How Washington went soft on childhood obesity. I asked him via email about how he did that story.

Picture of William Heisel

Do reporters spend too much time making everyday problems seem like conditions that need medical treatment?

Picture of William Heisel

Who's actually doing the disease mongering in pharma today? Not the research scientists.

Picture of William Heisel

You don't want to be a disease mongerer, do you? Here's how to avoid it in your work.

Picture of William Heisel

How many times do you see pain patients who aren’t addicted represented in stories about prescription painkillers? Maia Szalavitz weighs in.

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A ban on Big Gulp sodas in New York, High-fructose corn syrup, cancer treatments, junk foods and dieting.

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Counterfeit pills, direct primary care, bogus health food claims, drug-industry science and more from our Daily Briefing.

Picture of William Heisel

The American Pain Foundation – an industry-funded promoter of painkillers - closed its doors last week amid a federal inquiry. Here's how some top-notch journalists helped make it happen.

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A high-level painkiller probe, why the GOP is targeting Medicare in an election year, the military's massive free health clinic in Alabama and more from our Daily Briefing.



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