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Reporters Ruxandra Guidi and Erica Peterson live about 2,000 miles apart. But when they embarked on in-depth stories on environmental justices issues in their communities, they faced very similar challenges.

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Children in suburban Riverside and San Bernardino counties breathe what is arguably the worst air in America. Diesel soot and other harmful particles and lung-searing ozone build up in the region, not only from local sources but from polluters in coastal areas.

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Across the country, power plants spew mercury into the air, but it’s hard to make the case for stricter pollution limits without referencing the devastating effects heavy metals have on human health.

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About 150 miles east of Los Angeles, the the Lawson Dump is home to 40 acres of garbage that rises two stories high — a toxic collection of electronic waste, household chemicals and construction debris.

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As summer temperatures rise, so do fears of asthma and other illnesses caused by all the air pollution converging on the east Los Angeles community of Boyle Heights. With its proximity to freeways, industrial sites and shipping corridors, activists say the geography of Boyle Heights brings a disproportionate health burden to residents.

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Why are nitrates from agriculture such a big problem for groundwater in California's fertile Central Valley?

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Get tips from a veteran journalist and an epidemiologist for covering the health effects of pesticides and other environmental health issues.

Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

Little evidence for ER wait marketing claims, new EPA rules on mercury emissions, and news about a controversial chronic fatigue finding, plus more from our Daily Briefing.

Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

A huge rise in antidepressant use, a bad report card for American health system, and a boost for the Pap smear in today's Daily Briefing.

Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

The links between place and health, an unused Medicare benefit, and a lawsuit over ozone pollution, plus more from our Daily Briefing.



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