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Roughly four out of five parents don't install car seats correctly, and the results can be disastrous. A new investigative series by The Arizona Republic finds that Hispanic and Native American children were from two times to as much as 10 times likelier not to be properly restrained.

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An analysis of federal workplace accident data found that more people die while on job in California's Riverside and San Bernardino counties when economic times are good. State regulators say safety should now be foremost as more people re-enter the workforce.

Picture of Bob  Ortega

You might think that every parent knows enough to make sure their child uses a car seat or is properly belted in whenever they drive somewhere....

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What would you do if you were picking out vegetables at the grocery story next to a health care worker in scrubs and blood-stained shoe covers?

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Can stamps encourage any type of behavior change youth? I’d say it’s as much on their radar screens as having to get up off the sofa to change the TV channel, like I did in the age before remote controls.

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The message must be delivered and the knowledge put forth. If it does not happen, stupid mistakes will be made that will compromise the safety of not just one person but all those who are in their company on the day the abuser learns of the target's whereabouts.

Picture of Yvonne LaRose

President Clinton declared October as Domestic Violence Awarness Month and in 1994 signed into legislation the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) as authored by Sen. Joe Biden. It addresses various forms of redress and recovery for violent acts against women. It looks at the physical violence dynamic

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Should a doctor be able to say sorry to a patient who has been harmed and then avoid the repercussions of the error?

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The automobile is a fixture of American life, and in rural areas like Lake County’s it’s critical to getting to and from school, work and other commitments. But for drivers in Lake County, the roadways can be dangerous places.

Picture of Elizabeth Larson

Hartmann Road – an entry point into the Hidden Valley Lake gated community – intersects with a wide, sweeping curve of Highway 29. In appearance, it's an unremarkable stretch of roadway. But the statistics showed that something had to be done.



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